DK Clothing Co.

About Us

The DK Clothing Co. is a lifestyle brand that is focused on but not limited to cannabis culture. We are Detroit based and are also affiliated with the metro-Detroit Glass Garden glass shop and also Kushism the Movement. We warm heartedly welcome you to our building brand and we hope that you can help join us in celebrating a cannabis lifestyle.

Kushism [ kush-iz-um ]

1. a religion, (not really) originated in Sterling Heights MI by Donnie Kush (DK) and later spreading to Shelby, Warren, Utica , Troy, and parts of Detroit. That feeling of excitement that overcomes every stoners body when he/she puts the joint, blunt, bong, pipe, vape, ect to their lips. That feeling of overcoming every obsticle in life while medicated on that LOUD. (aka ganja, cracks, fires, kush, greens, herb, chriptochronacunalike, ect.) *Kushism* The word that all should wear on their wrist to support the legalization of marihuana.